Zscaler IT Heroes
The marketing and design teams at Zscaler had the idea to highlight their impressive list of clients in a monthly comic strip they named "IT Heroes". Each strip features a client who has been an outstanding brand ambassador, and consists of three panels depicting the hero transitioning their companies cloud security from a VPN to Zscaler.
Below is a few of my favorites, and following those is an example of the process of working on one of these comics, beginning with concept sketches, then a color comp, and then the final vector artwork.
Bombardier IT - Mark Ferguson
Careem - Peeyush Patel
Hydro - Armin Auth
United Airlines - Deneen DeFiore
Royal Caribbean Group - John Maya
Thumbnail Sketches for Royal Caribbean
Option 1: Treasure
John starts out on the bridge of a ship with a treasure map. On the map you can see dangers, and the treasure is marked with a "Z" rather than an "X". In the final frame he is on a beach opening a treasure chest, the treasure being Zscaler cloud security.
Option 2: Bell Hop/Concierge
Dealing with a security solution built out of best of breed offerings brings a lot of baggage. Other solutions are very cumbersome because clients often buy different solutions from different vendors. A bellhop/concierge dressed in blue with a Zscaler logo shows up and offers an integrated platform solution that simplifies and improves the cloud security of Royal Caribbean.
Option 3: Life Saver
John is out in the water surrounded by sharks with just floaties on representing an older security solution. A ship comes alongside and throws down a blue lifesaver with Zscaler logos. They then sail off into the Zscaler sunset.

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