Zscaler: Zenith Live, Zenith Community Booth & Swag
Las Vegas, Nevada
Zscaler came to me with an idea about creating characters that represent different types of users in their online community. In this community, people come together to chat about how they use Zscaler products, as well as ask and answer questions. The four personalities they determined their online community tended to fall into were The Influencer, The Engager, The Advocate, and The Scholar. For each persona they provided me with a list of personality attributes they wanted designed around the characters to be part of the t-shirt designs, as well as what animal they felt best represented that persona. Each persona was also attributed a color from the Zscaler brand palette. 
Attendees of Zenith Live were able to stop by the Zenith Community booth and pick up a t-shirt with the persona they feel they most identify with, as well as other swag.
The Wall
With the persona characters finalized, the next part of the project was designing the 12' x 42' wall at the entrance to the event in The Aria in Las Vegas. The blank wall setup chosen by the client was already broken up into five sections, four for the personas, and a large center section with a neon sign and a camera set up to take photos that depicts the overall community coming together. Each of the four persona sections had interactive elements, like a world map for attendees to place a marker letting everyone know where they're from, quiz challenges to show off their knowledge, and a chance to get a free certification voucher.
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